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COURT ORDERED–  You have ALREADY been to court and have been given the option of taking an approved Driver Improvement Course at a driving school of your choice to have your ticket dismissed or reduced.

DMV You have received a letter in the mail from the DMV requiring you to take a Driver Improvement or Defensive Driving Class at an approved driving school within 90 days or your license will be suspended. Completion and submission of the class from an approved driving school before your due date ensures uninterrupted driving privileges and relieves you from paying the $175.00 re-instatement fee.

You are trying to re-instate your license or your ability to get a license.

VOLUNTARILY- You would like to lower the points on your driving record for personal reasons like a job opportunity or for insurance requirements. You are eligible to voluntarily take the class every two years.

On your own or with legal advisement you have decided to take a Driver Improvement Class before or after a court appearance.




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